CodeRed Youth


Young people, it’s your time to explore and expand. God designed you to explore the galaxies of creativity and innovation, so that you could “go where no youth has gone before.” Prepare for takeoff. This is CodeRed. From June 19 through June 24, expect a supernatural encounter with God, learn how to move to your next level and prepare for your future. You will listen to phenomenal speakers; enjoy your favorite music; engage with other youth from other places; and so much more. CodeRed, is where it all begins. With God in your mission control center, you are well on your way to reaching your destiny! This is your time, youth. Attend CodeRed this summer and allow God to equip you to “go where no youth has gone before.” If you haven’t yet registered for CodeRed, there’s still time to register now. See you at iElevate CodeRed Youth!

  • VIP Annual Black Tie Gala

  • VIP
  • Admittance to VIP Private Reception
  • Preferred seating
  • Special VIP Giftbag
  • $125
  • Register Now

Elevate Your World

We encourage you to explore all of the phenomenal speakers, sessions, and more throughout this site, so you can customize your experience. Support from the business community and key sponsors have helped us reach larger audiences to offer quality programs, events, workshop and sessions for the whole family and discover how to elevate your life and world. See you in Atlanta this summer!